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Thoughts for the Week

Wisdom of the Holy Fathers

“My children, beware of all unrighteousness, and do not give in to envy or slander. Refrain from anger, and do not practice usury. Beware of unjust judgment. Do not swear an oath falsely, but rather fulfill it. Do not indulge the bodily appetites. Always be meek and bear all things with love. This virtue is the beginning and root of all good.”

†St. Barlaam
Abbot of Khutyn (12th century)

“Self-reform and peace are not achieved through the patience which others show us, but through our own longsuffering towards our neighbor."

†St John Cassian

"Do you want to have good done to you? Do good to somebody else. Do you want to have mercy shown to you? Show mercy to your neighbor. Do you want to be praised? Praise somebody else. Do you want to be loved? Love. Do you want to get to the top? Make way for somebody else. Do you hate being cursed? Don’t curse other people. Do you hate being envied? Don’t envy others. Do you hate it when people deceive you? Don’t deceive other people. If you remember that, you won’t need any other instruction."

†Saint John Chrysostom

"It has become a bad habit, that once we learn something about our neighbor, we go to trumpet it everywhere. Our tongue burns us and we rush to tell others what we saw or heard. We forget that we have no right to judge our neighbor because it is not our business, but God's, Who is the Supreme Judge, and Who knows the heart of man and can yield a just judgement. But we condemn our neighbor and often with strong words. We do not consider that our brother may repent and perhaps already left his sin, because he deeply repented."

†St. Luke the Physician of Simferopol

"Those who hope in the Lord don’t set their hope on money or the amount of power they have, but are content with the help that God will give them. They’re full of faith and love, they live in the courage of their clear conscience, they stand before the heavenly Father as His children and call for His kingdom to come on earth and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven."

†Saint Nektarios of Pentapolis

"Light is the property of a star, as simplicity and humility are the property of a holy and God-fearing man. Nothing distinguishes more clearly the disciples of Christ than a humble spirit and a simple way of life. The four Gospels shout this aloud. Whoever has not lived in this humble manner is deprived of his share in Him who 'humbled Himself... to death, even the death of the cross' (Phil. 2:8), the actual Lawgiver of the divine Gospels."

†St Hesychios the Priest,
"On Watchfulness and Holiness Written for Theodoulos," Philokalia, Vol. 1

"Any place can be a place of Resurrection, as long as you live in Christ's humility."

Abbess Gavrilia (1897-1992)
20th century Greek Orthodox nun


Upcoming Events
Please Return All Library Books by March 1st - 03/03/19

We asking everyone to try and return parish library books by March 1st. Our librarians will be performing an inventory of our books. The books can be checked out once again after the inventory is complete. Thanks for your cooperation.

Women's Book Study - Tuesdays through March 5th - 03/05/19

Our Women’s Book Study will continue on Tuesday evenings for the next five weeks. We will continue reading Touch and the Healing of the World, by Daniel B. Hinshaw. We hope you can join us Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

Forgiveness Sunday - March 10th - 03/10/19

Our Lenten journey will begin with Forgiveness Vespers on Sunday, March 10th following coffee hour. All should make a sincere effort to begin the Lenten season with this service and the “Mutual Rite of Forgiveness”. “On Forgiveness Sunday, we sing of Adam’s exile from paradise. We identify ourselves with Adam, lamenting our loss of the beauty, dignity and delight of our original creation, mourning our corruption in sin. We also hear on this day the Lord’s teaching about fasting and forgiveness, and we enter the season of the fast forgiving one another so that God will forgive us. If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will forgive you; but if you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your heavenly Father forgive you your trespasses (Mt 6.14–18).”

Mission Service - March 17th - 03/17/19

St. Michaels will be hosting a Lenten Mission Service (Orthodoxy Sunday) on Sunday, March 17th at 4:00 p.m. We are asking for volunteers to help organize and put the meal together. We will need everyone’s help as we will be hosting The Philadelphia Clergy Brotherhood as well as the faithful from our surrounding area. Please email Alice Morjana at or see Alice to let her know you can help.

Lenten Retreat on Marriage and Family - March 22nd and 23rd - 03/23/19

St. Michaels will be hosting a Lenten retreat with guest speaker and author Dr. Philip Mamalakis. We would like to invite the surrounding churches to share in this retreat.  Therefore we need volunteers to help organize this two-day event for Friday evening and Saturday March 22nd & 23rd . There will be more details to follow on Dr Mamalakis’ agenda. Please see Jeff Kendall or Alice Morjana to volunteer.

Other Announcements
House Blessings - 02/17/19

House blessings are still available. Please see Matushka Daria or Father Barnabas at coffee hour for scheduling.

Parish Giving - 02/03/19

We continue to progress to the diocesan proportional giving of 10% of our operating budget to the National and Diocesan Church. The yearly National and Diocesan Assessments are determined based on the parish approved budgets. As a result of the approved 2019 parish budget for St. Michael’s and moving to a level 4 Tithing, the annual assessment for each adult over 18 will be $189 per year. This can be paid at one time or easier quarterly payments of $47.25. Envelopes are available in the Narthex if you wish to use them as a reminder. Thank you for your continued support.

Reader Schedule


Date 3rd Hour 6th Hour Epistle
Feb 24 Riley Riley Riley
Mar 3 Souder Peck Peck
Mar 10 Lewis Sulpizi Lewis
Mar 17 Bunitsky Bunitsky Carey
Service Schedule


Date Coffee Hour Service Duty Church Cleaner Library
Feb 24

J. Peck / Weins

Hojnicki / Souder Riley Maloney
Mar 3

Hojnicki / Flynn / Roberts

Telep / Baldychev Bunitsky / Finck Gundersen
Mar 10

Gerassimakis / Bunitsky

Bunitsky / Morjana Farrell Farrell
Mar 17

Riley / Souder

Riley / Riley Clause / Whalen Skomorucha


News from the Orthodox Church in America

Saturday, 23 Feb 2019

Baltimore, MD selected as site of 20th All-American Council in 2021
4 hours ago

Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019

Study Guide for Metropolitan Tikhon’s “Of What Life Do We Speak?” now availab...
20 Feb 2019 at 1:42pm

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2019

OCF accepting applications for 2019-2020 Student Leadership Board
19 Feb 2019 at 11:08am

Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Metropolitan Council concludes Spring Session
17 Feb 2019 at 8:05pm

Friday, 15 Feb 2019

Lenten study resources available from OCA Department of Christian Education
15 Feb 2019 at 6:41am

Thursday, 14 Feb 2019

The 15th Anniversary of the Episcopal Consecration of Metropolitan Tikhon
14 Feb 2019 at 7:17am

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019

Metropolitan Tikhon opens Spring Metropolitan Council Session
13 Feb 2019 at 7:31am

Sunday, 10 Feb 2019

Metropolitan Tikhon, OCA delegation participate in anniversary celebrations
10 Feb 2019 at 3:53pm

Friday, 8 Feb 2019

February 12 OCF webinar to explore college students’ mental health
8 Feb 2019 at 11:18am

Wednesday, 6 Feb 2019

Assembly of Bishops issues Statement on the Sanctity of Life
6 Feb 2019 at 3:39pm




Women's Book Study

Tuesday, February 19th

at 7:00 p.m.


Little Angels

Wednesday, February 20th

at 9:30 a.m.


No Study Group This Week


Great Vespers

Saturday, February 23rd

at 5:00 p.m.


Divine Liturgy

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

Sunday, February 24th

at 9:00 a.m.

followed by Coffee Hour

For details plus other news

see the Parish News page.